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Weak intellectual property culture among Nigerian scientist and researchers, low quality of research and development results and inventions emanating from universities and research institutes, coupled with inefficient management of intellectual property assets have been identified as the bane of low commercialization of research results in Nigeria.

The Minister of Science and Technology Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu disclosed this at the launching and public presentation of a publication titled “Guideline on commercialization of research and development (R&D) results and inventions in Nigeria.

Dr. Onu said that many of the R&D results and inventions are lying idle in the research institutions across the country because the process is very complex and requires the skills and expertise of different professionals as well as capital to achieve meaningful developmental commercialization.

According to the minister “it was in a bid to address these challenges that National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) decided to make a compilation of this publication titled Guidelines on commercialization of Research and Development Results and Inventions in Nigeria.

The publication is made up of seven (7) chapters, namely: Establishment, Functions and Structure of NOTAP; Policy Guidelines on Commercialisation of Research and Development Results and Inventions in Nigeria; Critical Infrastructures for (R&D) Commercialisation; commercialization of research and development results policy mandate of NOTAP;Strategies for the commercialization of R&D results and invention; process,phrase and stage of commercialization of R&D results and inventions.

He lauded NOTAP this publication in view of its significance and relevance towards the realization of the ministry’s (FMST) desire and objective of facilitating the commercialization of the numerous R&D results and inventions lying idle on the shelves of most Nigerian universities and research institutions across the country.

The publication he added would be of great benefit to all Nigerian scientists, researchers, inventors, innovators, policymakers and other stakeholders in the value chain of research and development result commercialization in Nigeria as a guide and reference material.

NOTAP a key parastatal under the Science and Technology ministry is primarily responsible for regulating the inflow of foreign technology into Nigeria. Another key responsibility of NOTAP is to document and commercialize research and design results of key universities and other institutes in Nigeria.


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